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Find and Follow Jesus

That’s why 4 Points Kids is devoted to create safe and fun environments where your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through age-appropriate kids services. Our ultimate hope is to see your children love church and learn how to follow Jesus at an early age.

4 Points Kids is available during every Sunday Worship Experience and provides an atmosphere your children will be thrilled to be part of each week. Our 4 Points Kids Volunteer Team is made up of compassionate, fun leaders who have undergone careful background checks and training to ensure your children are safe and happy while in our care. Parents then can relax and focus on God’s word each week during the Worship Experience in the main auditorium. 6th graders can choose to be a part of Level Up or join their parents in our worship service.

A commitment to fun & excellence.


"Kids will have an interactive experience that will teach them about God's love.”

4 Points Kids

Find and Follow Jesus

We believe that learning happens best through fun and creativity, so each 4 Points Kids service is filled with energy and excitement! A Bible story is shared and your child is involved in worship through song, drama, offering, and prayer. Each weekly service includes a small group time where your child will learn how to apply the weekly lesson to their life!

I can't wait to meet your kiddos! -Emma

Dreamers Room Image

Bodega Blvd

6 weeks to walking - clean, calming and quiet enviornment

Yellow Room Image

Scissor St

walking to 2 years - fun worship, small group teaching and play time

Purple Room Image

Spark St

2 - 3 year olds - fun worship, small group teaching and play time

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Safety Pl

3 - 4 yrs olds - fun worship, small group teaching and play time

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Pepperoni Pl

K5- 3rd grade - Energetic worship, large group, small group lessons and take home challenges

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Mocha Ln

4th-6th grade - live streaming worship, relevant, age appropriate lessons, small groups and take home challenges


Join Our Kids Team

We believe the best way for parents to stay involved in what their child is learning is to become a part of our team. Each week, volunteers are active in 4 Points Kids, from greeting families to teaching and leading children in worship. There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved. Email Emma at emma@4points.org for any questions you may have.

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