Next Door

Next Door

Eleven years ago, a small group of people stepped out in faith with a desire to start a church in this area that would “reach the least, the lost, and the lonely with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” In the legacy of this Church’s ministry God has faithfully endured and moved in a powerful way. 4 Points started from a modest beginning at a Pizza Inn, progressed to a small storefront along Highway 101, and eventually expanded to two storefronts, demostrating God’s unwavering faithfulness and goodness throughout this journey. 4 Points is a living story of endurance by the grace and power of God that has brought us to the door of an incredible new season of ministry.

Two years ago, my family was given the opportunity to step into ministry alongside you at 4 Points Church. From our first visit we sensed the presence of God and quickly knew there were great things about to happen. My prayer since the first day was that we would not be a church that talked about a move of God, but that we would BE a move of God. In a short time, God has faithfully shown his desire to answer that prayer. We now stand Next Door to our next season of powerful ministry.

God has provided 10.5 acres of land Next Door for us to build a place where the lost can be reached, the found can be equipped, and the discipled can be sent into our community and the world for generations to come! This next step is not just foundationally about a building. It is about God’s work in you, me, and the journey through the Next Door He is guiding us through. It is about the people in this area who have yet to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus. It is about obiedence and sacrificing in this season so the next generation can stand in this community with opportunities for ministry. I believe we have been uniquely called to this season of 4 Points history to enact this faith step together. I am excited to see the ways God is going to grow our faith as we sacrifice, give, pray, and walk into the next chapter of God’s work through our church. Let’s move Next Door together!

Primary Goal

100% Engagement

Give Regularly

Giving to the church is a vital action and biblical commandment for Christians. Giving is an act of worship that, fosters faith, strengthens fellowship, and empowers the church to carry out its mission effectively. Financial contributions fund all of our ministries, enabling us to fulfill our mission and generate a positive impact in our community that extends beyond a monetary value.

Give Above

Thank you for your steadfast giving and dedicated support! Your generosity has made a significant impact on our church’s ability to serve the community and further the work of God. We now invite you to prayerfully consider giving above your current tithe to help us expand our reach and positively impact more lives for Jesus. Your additional contributions will enhance our ministries, begin new initiatives, and further our reach within the Kingdom.

Give to Campaign

To achieve our goal, we are asking individuals to make a meaningful difference by making a contribution on pledge day and a 3-year pledge to our building campaign. Your pledge will allow us to plan strategically, secure necessary resources, and make the vision a reality. With your generous support over the next three years, we can create a lasting impact and leave a legacy that will positively influence generations to come.

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